August 17, 2016

Our Family

Here at Absolute Expert Care we considered not just our clients, but our employees family.

Hear what they have to say about Absolute Expert Care!




Expert Nursing & Companion Services, Inc.

4975 Worchester Street

Denver, CO 80239

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Expert Nursing has furnished care for me for well over five years and I am delighted to testify to their competence and compassion. I need to explain that I am 100 years of age, have been confined to a wheelchair for a couple of years, and I therefore need help in transferring from one place to another, as well as considerable assistance in getting dressed and taking care of the mechanics of life. In addition, it is necessary to have assistance with shopping, housekeeping, and all those things that go with existence. For the last couple of years, I have required assistance 2417 and the various attendants supplied by Expert Nursing have all been very competent and carried out their duties in a most satisfactory manner. I have not the slightest hesitancy in recommending in the highest possible way the services of Absolute Expert Care and the companion services they offer.

Sincerely yours,

Howard W. Jones, Jr., M.D







Dear Staff:

This letter is the result of a note I received from one of our nurses, Janice Hirschfeld. She stated, “Just wanted to give feedback on my experience Expert Care. There was a request from the CA to have 4-5 hours of companion care for IW (severe TBI). His -wife was notably not interested in this service.I feel Expert Nursing went above and beyond to try to provide the services requested by CA for this claim. They were able to provide Spanish speaking companions, worked w/CA’s paralegal in trying to contact IW wife including sending a letter in Spanish with the services they could offer. They tried to work with Pinnacol when. IW wife was wanting a specific friend be hired by Expert Nursing to provide the service. When it was clear that her expectations (IW wife) were not reasonable, Expert Nursing contacted adj. with the wife’s request and documented the conversation so that adj. could send this to the CA. Even though it has been determined that we will not be able to use their services on this claim, they were great to work with, kept me updated on their progress (and regress!) of trying to provide the requested service. I wish to add my thanks and that of Pinnacol Assurance. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! A small gift will be delivered as a token of our thanks.


Marianne Wilson .,

Provider Relations Specialist


7501 East Lowry Boulevard

Denver, Colorado 80230-7006

Phone 303-361-4945

Fax 303-361-5945



Dear Renee,

Thank you for your phone call checking up on how my mother is doing in Ann Arbor.  The move went well, and she is adjusting to life in assisted living.  I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent care provided to my mother by Expert Nursing.

When I first engaged your service, I was concerned that she would not accept outside help.  It was the first time we have ever had to ask for this service.  Making the arrangements went smoothly, and all my concerns were addressed carefully.  Much to my surprise, my mother adjusted quickly to having this help, and became quite attached to her caregivers and looked forward to their visits.  She felt very comfortable and confident with the nurse who came weekly to check on her and set up her daily medication box.  The nurse was very kind and patient with her questions and concerns.

It helped to set my mind at ease, and I was also grateful that she was able to make extra unexpected visits when needed.  All of the companions who visited my mother were just great.  They took her grocery shopping, helped her run errands, cleaned the apartment, did laundry, and accompanied her to doctor visits.  The companions were all very competent and professional.

My mother benefited greatly from their kindness, caring and excellent care.  My brothers and I are very grateful that you and your team were there when needed!

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

Maggie Van Keuren







333 West Hampden Avenue, Suite 810

Englewood, CO  80110



To Whom It May Concern:


Renee Franklin has been a life safer for this agency time and time again.  The last minute coverage needed for this agency to survive in lieu of homecare coverage.  Renee has the positive attribute of a professional of her word.  Her staff is of high quality excellence and she drives caregivers to meet needs in the community.

In my opinion, any elder that ends up with this special lady and her agency taking care of elders would be the best step to keep someone at home and sage.

It is an honor and a pleasure to work with such a special company, but the driving force is Renee Franklin.




Debbie Green                                                                                                                                                                       Clinical Director



6630 W. 31st Avenue

Denver, CO  80214

(303) 238-3193


Dear Ms. Franklin:

I’d like to express my satisfaction with your organization over the past months.  Your timely, professional care has been greatly appreciated.  I do not hesitate to recommend you and your staff to others requiring in-home nursing care.


Please feel free to have them call me at the above number.  I’d prefer morning calls.

Thank you for your kind professional caring.




Larry E. Miller